From net to plate

At Peet’s Restaurant in Lochinver, we understand the huge social, economic and cultural importance of the fishing industry in Scotland. While we may only have 8.4% of the UK population in Scotland, we actually provide over 60% of the total UK catch, making Scottish fishing crucial to the UK fishing industry.

It’s a sad fact though that fish stocks are depreciating year-on-year in our seas. There are many initiatives in place to protect the marine environment, including the Scottish Sustainable Marine Environment Initiative (SSMEI), whose aim is to develop and test new approaches to improve the sustainable management of Scotland’s marine environment. Given the importance of the Scottish fishing industry to both the UK and Scotland, responsible sourcing has become a crucial topic.

lochinver restaurant boats

Scotland doesn’t just produce a huge amount of fish for the UK and abroad, it also has a long tradition of processing top quality seafood. By investing in modern equipment, innovation and product development it’s been able to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Because we’re situated in Lochinver harbour, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, at Peet’s we understand the importance of sustainable fishing initiatives like SSMEI. We also appreciate the need for consumers to know more about where their food comes from and how long it’s taken to get there, which is why we welcome measures like traceability legislation.

With the harbour only 50 metres away, our produce can be delivered straight to our back-door, meaning that it’s not difficult to trace the seafood that we serve from the sea to our restaurant. Here are a few examples;


Robbie Kinnaird, the skipper of the Glencoul, provides the langoustines, crab, lobster and squat lobster that we serve at Peet’s. His boat lands just a short distance from the restaurant, so it’s hard to imagine being able to eat seafood that’s any fresher.

peets restaurant crab

Fresh Squat Lobster

Even our scallops are local, hand-dived and hand-picked a short distance to the South of Lochinver in Achiltibuie. This spectacular shoreline provides large, delicious scallops, ready for Angie to work her magic on in the kitchen.

Salt Water Fish

A mixture of haddock, hake, halibut and cod are delivered fresh to our door from the nearby harbour of Kinlochbervie, just an hour up the road by car. The rest of our fish comes from smaller fishing ports within the Scottish Highlands.

Peet's Restaurant - Haddock Goujons

angie in Peet's restaurant kitchen


Although our salmon is farmed, as most salmon is nowadays, we use local farms and are salmon is smoked locally by David Mackay.

When you next head down to Peet’s Lochinver restaurant  for some fresh, top quality, local fish or shellfish, you’ll not only know exactly where it came from, but you may even be lucky enough to see it coming in on the boat.

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